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Thu, May 30, 2013

Cross posing this at the request of Laurie.

I remember mildly getting into some Superman (Man of Steel) comics back when I was in junior high, but it never really took. However, earlier this month, it was “Free Comic Book” day and my wife got us all to overcome our couch inertia and head to Comics to Astonish, our local comic book store. She correctly assumed that the kids and I would enjoy it. Sometimes we just need a push. She knows this. We are all addicted now, even the wife. I’m sure she figured she would enjoy seeing the boys dig through various Avengers and Spiderman comics, but I’m not sure she expected to really find anything she was interested in.

Star Trek

I can tell you, that after years of not being around comic books, the first foray back into them can be confusing. That first trip we all grabbed a few comics to test out, but I think we were all a little lost, despite the very nice staff there. A lot of that is because you start seeing all these comics that are well into their runs. I am one that can’t just start in the middle of a series. Our local store has lots of back issues, but any comic book collector can tell you how pricey old issues can get, especially for the big name stuff. That means I’ve been trying to find some newer series to get into. The geek that I am, I immediately started searching around online about comics. I found Comic Vine, which is a great resource for looking up comic book series and finding out about the various runs and issues. I also found that Midtown Comics has a great online selection of both recent and back issues. Prices and selection for back issues seem better than our local store. I kind of feel bad about that, but for back issues, online seems the way to go. I’m sure we’ll still visit the local store now and then because it really is fun digging around through all the old comics. You never know what you might uncover.

I’ve also discovered that if you want to get a hold of older series, but don’t have the resources to grab the original comics, then you might be able to find the series you are looking for in trade paper backs or graphic novels. This is much cheaper and honestly isn’t a bad way to go. There is something special about having the original comic, but having the issues all bound together is still an enjoyable read.

The Walking Dead

So what am I reading? Well, I recently finished the 4 issue Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness (the first picture above) and have started in on The Walking Dead (huge fan of the show). I also just tried East of West and Ten Grand. Both are still in their first few issues, but have some potential.

If you’re thinking about trying out comics, then made the plunge. Especially if you have kids that are just getting into reading. It’s great for encouraging that. If you’re a seasoned collector, please feel free to offer up some advice, resources, and/or suggestions. I’m probably missing out on a lot of great things.

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